Rock and Rave 2014

A night filled with climbing, comedy and parties! Rock and Rave also happens to be one of the biggest climbing fundraiser ever! The one night event takes place at Stone Summit climbing gym in Atlanta, Georgia on March 8th. Proceeds from this year’s Rock and Rave will go toward paying off the Southeastern Climbers Coalition’s purchase of Alabama’s Hospital boulders. The remaining proceeds will be split between the Access Fund, Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Carolina Climbers Coalition, and Paradox Sports

Approximately 1,500 people attended Rock and Rave 2013 and raised $35,000 dollars for climbing advocacy groups! And they managed to do it by simply showing up for one whirlwind, non-stop evening of events, slideshows, comps, and, of course, the late night rave.

For more information, visit Rock and Rave

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