New Product: Mercury Bag

The Mercury F4TM Escape Systems are the next generation of simple, bailout systems that feature our new low-profile, highly durable lumbar bag.  The Mercury BagTM is constructed with ballistic nylon for abrasion, heat and flame resistance. Attaching to the back of the harness with five height adjustable straps, the system sits comfortably below the SCBA, and balances symmetrically across the body, decreasing the profile of the firefighter.  The F4, carabiner, and Crosby® hook, pack neatly under the tear-away flap.  The reflective handle on the flap is easy to find and pull with a gloved hand.  The Mercury bag is compatible with all of Sterling's fire escape ropes, F4, and anchor options.  

For full specs and pricing, visit our Mercury Bag page.

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