220' FDNY Configuration
220' FDNY Configuration
Additional Information
Elongation at 10% MBS
MBS lbs (kN)
3,911 (17.4)
Safe Working Load
302 lbs
Weight (lbs/100')


Item is available.

Developed for and the official search rope of FDNY, the SearchLite is a 7.5mm cord with reflective fibers in the sheath and a strand of Technora in the core.

  • Technora core strand combined with nylon core provides for added heat resistant and ease of handling
  • Reflective yarns illuminate rope when light shines on it
  • Better heat resistance than standard nylon cord or webbing
  • Compact, supple, easy to knot, and extremely durable
  • Easier to handle than webbing with gloved hands
  • Great for primary or personal search lines.

    Searchlite Option with sewn eyes and connectors includes a Double locking snap hook sewn on one end and a snap swivel(dog leash style) sewn on the other end. See Kits and Systems for this option available with the shoulder bag.

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