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Ultimate Positioning Lanyard

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The UP Lanyard is designed to function as a true work positioning system. Multiple work and connection options allow for two-in-one positioning, one handed operation of tending slack, “M” system configuration or as a single leg up off a bridge. Built around our TriTech flipline, TriTech features our most durable Technora® sheath over a unique inner Dyneema® jacket covering a nylon core. These fibers combine to provide a rope lanyard that protects you against accidental nicks that could seriously compromise any other rope lanyard. TriTech offers the best abrasion resistance and nonconductive properties. The Ultimate Positioning Lanyard comes complete with the following items:

• Sewn Eye with plastic thimble
• Thimble Prusik
• RIT 8 Eye and Eye
• ISC Micro Pulley
• Osprey AL
• RIT 8 Bound Loop Prusik
• 2 -Falcon AL with Talon

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