Sterling Athletes Team

Daila Ojeda Sanchez

Athlete Bio
How did you get started climbing?
I´m from the Canary Islands. It´s a really good place for surfing but there are many fanatics climbers too. I started to climb when I saw a bouldering competition in my hometown, it was psyched for me!
How old were you when you started?
I was 18 years old when I started.. Before I did body board (surf)..
Who or what inspired you to start climbing?
My friends from the island… it was very motivating to see strong girls climbing... that really inspired me... I wanted to do that!! :-)
Who served as your inspiration in life?
My parents, my friends, my boyfriend... I feel lucky having many good people close of me :-)
What was your first outdoor climb?
My first climbing outdoor was in a little but beautiful volcanic area in Gran Canaria called Santa
Lucia... I felt fear... I didn´t enjoy too much hahaha but the experience teach me a lot... and after that I learned to enjoy climbing.
What do you do when you’re not climbing?
I like swimming, to be chill in the sun, to read, to walk with my dog Chaxi…, taking care of my garden.
Any training advice or suggestions?
The motivation is the most important thing for climbing.. I think so. If you are psyched and you climb ‘A muerte’ always you will be strong like the vinager hehe..
If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
I have a lot of superpowers right now.. I don´t need anymore hahaha..
In climbing it would be powerful… I think it´s easier to get endurance.
If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
No more wars
Severe laws for the people who (abuse) retires animals
Medical attention for everybody!!
What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
¨David el Nomo¨ he and his wife were really fun! :-)

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