DryCoat - Sterling's Dry Treatment

Sterling Rope spent years researching and testing various coatings and processes to greatly improve our rope dry treatment. The result was the development of DryCoat™, our own proprietary coating and dry process. Studies have shown that wet ropes are more difficult to handle, elongation increases and their performance can change dramatically. DryCoat protects the rope from water absorption, keeping your rope strong, eliminating weight increase, the risk of freezing, and slowing the wear of rope considerably. In conventional ropes, it is usually only the sheath fibers that are dry-treated. Sterling Dry Ropes not only have a superior coating on the sheath, but also have DryCore standard on all its cores, reducing the ropes natural inclination to absorb moisture to greater levels. Sterling’s Arid system ensures a more effective and durable water resistance, while improving handling, resistance to friction, dirt, and durability.

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